Kaolinite-Starch based Nano-Composites and Applications


Kaolinite-Starch based Nano-Composites and Applications

Preeti Gupta, S.S. Das, N.B. Singh

Starch and kaolinite are low cost and easily available materials used in different domains. At the same time, they form biodegradable nanocomposites (NCs), attractive and important substitutes for non-biodegradable materials which are the major source of environmental pollution. Kaolinite-starch based NCs are promising materials because they possess good mechanical and thermal properties and water resistance capacity etc. Properties are dependent on the filler particles orientation, nature of kaolinite and starch interaction, filler–matrix interface and filler dosages. The properties also depend on the anisotropy of the particles of fillers, their surfaces and the filler dispersion. These NCs have enormous applications specially in food packaging, films, paper, etc. It is used in environmental remediation. In this chapter an overview of methods of preparation, characterization and applications of kaolinite-starch based nanocomposites have been discussed.

Kaolinite, Starch, Clay, Composite, Food Packaging, Film

Published online 6/2/2022, 26 pages

Citation: Preeti Gupta, S.S. Das, N.B. Singh, Kaolinite-Starch based Nano-Composites and Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 125, pp 210-235, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644901915-9

Part of the book on Advanced Applications of Micro and Nano Clay

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