Consistent Modal Calibration of a Pendulum-Type Vibration Absorber

Consistent Modal Calibration of a Pendulum-Type Vibration Absorber

Jan Høgsberg

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Abstract. Pendulum absorbers are installation in offshore wind turbines to mitigate excessive vibration amplitudes from wind and wave loading. The pendulum damper is placed inside the tower and attached to the structure at two distinct points: The tower top, where the pendulum arm is fixated, and at the position of the pendulum mass, which is connected to the tower wall by the damper. The present paper derives a modal calibration principle, which consistently accounts for different points of attachment for the absorber stiffness and damping.

Vibration Absorber, Structural Dynamics, Modal Analysis, Absorber Calibration

Published online , 8 pages
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Citation: Jan Høgsberg, Consistent Modal Calibration of a Pendulum-Type Vibration Absorber, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 20, pp 39-46, 2022


The article was published as article 6 of the book Floating Offshore Energy Devices

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