Aerogels Utilizations in Batteries


Aerogels Utilizations in Batteries

T. Pazhanivel, S. Dhinesh, M. Priyadharshini, R.Gobi

Aerogels, a nanoscale 3D mesoporous spongy sample of enhanced surface area, was usually considered as insulator for thermal application, catalyst, and as radiation detector. Presently, it is investigated as potential candidate for electrochemistry due to its inborn capacity to enhance the characteristic features of the surfaces of commercial active materials in batteries and ultracapacitors. Recently composite aerogels which is blended with metal oxides, metal sulphides and so on have been set up as low thickness, profoundly permeable, and large amount of accessible surface and examined as active electrodes. This type of aerogel-based composites challenges the standard manners by that electrochemically active materials are considered, examined, and employed.

Aerogel, Electrochemical Batteries, Specific Capacity, Coulombic Efficiency, Rate Capability

Published online 2/25/2021, 22 pages

Citation: T. Pazhanivel, S. Dhinesh, M. Priyadharshini, R.Gobi, Aerogels Utilizations in Batteries, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 98, pp 99-120, 2021


Part of the book on Aerogels II

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