The Impact of Residual Stresses on Bogie Frame Strength

The Impact of Residual Stresses on Bogie Frame Strength

KULKA Andrzej and BIŃKOWSKI Robert

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Abstract The article describes a method for determining the residual stresses occurring in the structure of a railway vehicle bogie frame. The performed tests involved the application of the destructive strain gauge method. The impact of residual stresses on bogie frame strength has also been determined.

Rolling Stock, Rail Vehicle Bogie Frame, Residual Stresses

Published online , 6 pages
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Citation: KULKA Andrzej and BIŃKOWSKI Robert, The Impact of Residual Stresses on Bogie Frame Strength, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 17, pp 159-164, 2020


The article was published as article 24 of the book Terotechnology XI

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