Multicomponent Synthesis of Biologically Relevant Spiroheterocycles in Water


Multicomponent Synthesis of Biologically Relevant Spiroheterocycles in Water

Bubun Banerjee

This chapter deals with the up-to-date developments of one-pot multicomponent synthesis of biologically relevant spiroheterocycles in aqueous media. As the current topic is one of the challenging areas for today’s organic chemists, therefore the present chapter will surely be a valuable document to boost the on-going developments in this direction.

Spiroheterocycles, Multicomponent Reactions, Bioactivity, Aqueous Media, Green Synthesis

Published online 5/25/2019, 53 pages

Citation: Bubun Banerjee, Multicomponent Synthesis of Biologically Relevant Spiroheterocycles in Water, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 50, pp 269-319, 2019


Part of the book on Industrial Applications of Green Solvents

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