Toughness of Duplex Steel Produced by PM-HIP

Toughness of Duplex Steel Produced by PM-HIP

Christoph Broeckmann

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Abstract. The most important influencing factors for the toughness of duplex steels are being discussed exemplary at grade AISI 318LN. Focus is given to two major aspects: the embrittlement by σ-phase and the embrittlement caused by residual argon pores. While the formation of σ-phase depends on the cooling rate in the HIP vessel, argon porosity can either be caused by insufficient evaporation prior to HIP or small leakages in the capsule. Toughness is discussed in terms of Charpy tests, taking into account the notch radius as additional parameter. The macroscopic results are reflected by investigations of the microstructure. Toughness of PM-HIP steel is compared to appropriate conventionally produced grades.

Duplex Steel, PM-HIP, Charpy-Toughness, Argon Content

Published online 2/11/2019, 13 pages
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Citation: Christoph Broeckmann, Toughness of Duplex Steel Produced by PM-HIP, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 10, pp 169-181, 2019


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