Impact of Laser Machining on the Structure and Properties of Tool Steels

Impact of Laser Machining on the Structure and Properties of Tool Steels


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Abstract. The paper presents the results of research of the impact of laser treatment on the properties of the surface layer of tool steel. Two grades of tool steel were qualified for the tests and they were subjected to a pulse laser and a continuous-mode laser treatment. In order to analyze the influence of laser beam impact on the properties of the surface layer of the studied material, metallographic investigations and microhardness profile tests were carried out in the surface layer.

Laser Heat Treatment, Tool Steel

Published online 7/16/2018, 4 pages
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Citation: ULEWICZ Robert, SELEJDAK Jacek, ‘Impact of Laser Machining on the Structure and Properties of Tool Steels’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 5, pp 37-40, 2018


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