Effect of Substitution on the Electric and Magnetic Properties of SrFe12O19 Hexa Hard Ferrites


Effect of Substitution on the Electric and Magnetic Properties of SrFe12O19 Hexa Hard Ferrites

Dipti Rawat, Ragini Raj Singh

The hexagonal ferrites, also known as hexaferrites, have stimulated interest subsequent to their finding in the 1950s, which is steadily growing today. Both commercially and technologically, these materials have grown in importance. In addition to their employment as permanent magnets, they are commonly used as “magnetic recording and data storage materials, as well as components in electrical systems, notably those that activates at microwave/GHz frequency range”. The goal of the presented study is to offer new ideas for the development of magnetic samples Strontium hexaferrite SrFe12O19 (SrM) that are suited for specific applications, as well as to explain the influence of rare-earth (RE) substitution on the magnetic and electrical properties of SrM.

Hexaferrite, Rare-Earth, Electrical Properties, Magnetic Properties, Substitutions

Published online 2/1/2023, 28 pages

Citation: Dipti Rawat, Ragini Raj Singh, Effect of Substitution on the Electric and Magnetic Properties of SrFe12O19 Hexa Hard Ferrites, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 142, pp 93-120, 2023

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644902318-4

Part of the book on An Introduction to Hard Ferrites

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