Studies of Highly Dispersed Titanium Carbide Powder Obtained from Scrap Tungstenless Cemented Carbide Alloys

Studies of Highly Dispersed Titanium Carbide Powder Obtained from Scrap Tungstenless Cemented Carbide Alloys

V. Gavrish, T. Chayka, N. Cherkashina, O. Gavrish

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Abstract. The results of research of characteristics of highly dispersed titanium carbide powder obtained from carbide waste of TN-20, TN-25, TN-30 types are presented. The powder particles were studied using analytical methods including scanning microscopy, X-ray diffraction, differential thermal analysis. The obtained results confirm the formation of nanosized particles of titanium carbide of monocrystalline form.

Titanium Carbide, Highly Dispersed Powder, Carbide Waste

Published online 1/5/2022, 6 pages
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Citation: V. Gavrish, T. Chayka, N. Cherkashina, O. Gavrish, Studies of Highly Dispersed Titanium Carbide Powder Obtained from Scrap Tungstenless Cemented Carbide Alloys, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 21, pp 214-219, 2022


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