Broad-Spectrum of Sustainable Living Management Using Green Building Materials- An Insights

Broad-Spectrum of Sustainable Living Management Using Green Building Materials- An Insights

R. Sivarethinamohan, S. Sujatha

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Abstract. Owing to the recurrent modifications in the lifestyle and demands of humans the regular life of buildings is decreasing whereas the demolition or renovation of the buildings increases. Building materials and their components ingest just about 40 percent of world-wide vigour per annum in their life segments such as fabrication and procurement of building materials, construction and demolition. The development of the construction industry completely relies on the deployable resources. To abate the consumption of construction materials in current years, the construction industry has established an environmental track, which wishes to use naturally available materials. Reviving such technology, further developing this technology green building materials are paramount for constructing green buildings. Such a green-building constructional model does not require energy contributions frequently for production. The advantage of reducing the energy used in manufacturing, increases strength. Green Building material is one which utilizes less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste, produces less carbon dioxide emissions and provides improved space for inhabitants as compared to conventional buildings. It includes environmental, economic, and social benefits as well. This paper aims to provide knowledge about some of the green building materials that help for sustainable living. These elucidations can obligate a significant influence in contemporary construction owed to the escalation in the charges of traditional construction materials.

Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Benefit, Economic Benefit, Sustainable Construction

Published online 8/15/2021, 8 pages
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Citation: R. Sivarethinamohan, S. Sujatha, Broad-Spectrum of Sustainable Living Management Using Green Building Materials- An Insights, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 19, pp 1-8, 2021


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