Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies
NOCMAT for the XXI Century
Eds. Khosrow Ghavami, Pedro Jesús Herrera Franco
Materials Research Proceedings Vol. 7
Publication Date 2018, 820 pages
Print ISBN 978-1-945291-82-1 (release date November 25th, 2018)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-945291-83-8
DOI: 10.21741/9781945291838

The book presents new research in the area of biobased “green composites”. Biobased materials involve renewable agricultural and forestry feedstocks, including wood, agricultural waste, grasses and natural plant fibers. These lignocellulosic materials are composed mainly of carbohydrates such as sugar and lignin, cellulose, vegetable oils and proteins. Much research is concerned with renewable materials such as bamboo, vegetable fibers, soil composites and recycled materials such as rice husk ash and sugar cane ash. The general aim here is to use renewable and non-polluting materials in ways that offer a high degree of sustainability and preserve the remaining natural resources for future generations.

Biobased Materials, Renewable Materials, Non-polluting Materials, Sustainability, Wood, Agricultural Waste, Grasses, Natural Plant Fibers, Lignocellulosic Materials, Carbohydrates, Sugars, Lignin, Cellulose, Vegetable Oils, Proteins, Bamboo, Vegetable Fibers, Soil Composites, Recycled Materials, Rice Husk Ash, Sugar Cane Ash, Fiber-reinforced Concrete, Post-disaster Reconstruction, Guadua Fibers, Prefabricated Bamboo Guadua Panels, Multi-Level Bamboo Structures, Alkaline Activated Cements, Polymer Residues Reinforced with Glass Fiber, Composites Reinforced with Vegetal Fibers, Sisal Fibers, Bamboo Arch Structure, Adobe Reinforced with Wheat Fibers, Fiber Reinforced Microconcrete, Cements with High Coal Waste Contents, Natural Composites, Geopolymer Concretes


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Table of Contents (click on any title to see the full abstract and References)

Mechanical Characterization of Foamed Concrete Reinforced with Natural Fibre
E.A. Flores-Johnson, Y.Z. Yan, J.G. Carrillo, P.I. González-Chi, P.J. Herrera-Franco, Q.M. Li

Reinterpretation of Vernacular Constructive Process with the use of Soil-Cement- Sisal Fiber Mortar and a Bamboo Framework
K.S.G. Souza, A.B.C. Rocha, Adriana P.S. Martins, R.D.T. Filho

Bamboo-Piles Analysis for Slope Stability
A.M.J. Davila, K. Ghavamia, C. Romanel

Speeding up Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Material Choice or Roof Design?
G. Celentano, E.Z. Escamilla, V. Göswein, V. Hischier, G. Habert

A Bamboo Beam-Colum Connection Capable to Transmit Moment
R. Moran, J. Muñoz, H.F. Silva, J.J. García

Concretes Prepared with High-Density Limestone: Influence on the Transition Zone
E. da Cruz Teixeira, C.M. Medeiros, E.R. da Silva Santos, U.T. Barbosa, N.P. Barbosa

Behaviour under Bending Loads of Workable Bamboo
V.M. Andreola, M.Y.R. Da Gloria, R.D.Toledo Filho

Deferred Deflexions with Time of Bamboo Guadua Angustifolia Kunth under Permanent Loads
S. Chavarro, C. Takeuchi

Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of Composite Boards with Natural Resin and Guadua Unidirectional Fibers
J.P. Patiño, M.L. Sánchez, W.A. Patiño

Nonconventional Curing for Fiber-Cement Material
V. dos Santosa, G.H. Tonolib, H. Savastano Jr

Stacked-MFC into a Typical Septic Tank used in Public Housing
J.A.D. Maldonado, G. Cámara-Chalé, R.M. Cervera, L. Alzate-Gaviria

Cement-Based Composites Reinforced with Nanofibrillated Cellulose from Bamboo Organossolv Pulp
V. da Costa Correia, H. Savastano Jr.

Study of Axial Compression Resistance of Cardboard Tubes to Elaboration an Innovative Structural System
G. de Cássia Salado, N.S. Dias

Low-Energy Walling for Low-Income Housing in East Africa
T. Thomas

Application of Small Diameter Bamboos in Architecture
S. Mouton, K. Allacker, K. Ghavami, H. Verschure

Structural behavior of Two-Floor Housing Made with Frames Braced with Prefabricated Bamboo Guadua Panels
C. Takeuchi, E. Ayala, C. Castillo

Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beams for Precast Slab
T.L. Gonçalves, L.E. Moreira

Construction of a Sustainable Multi-Level Bamboo Structure
C. Korde, P. Das, R. West, S. Puttagunta

Evaluation Tools for R&D Projects Sponsored by the Brazilian National Network for Bamboo’s Research and Development – Redebambu/Br
P. Ohayon, K. Ghavami

Bibliometric Analysis of Scientific and Technical Papers within NOCMAT 1984-2015 International Conferences
P. Ohayon, R.A. Sharafi, K. Ghavami, C.P.M. Siqueira

Rural School in Santiago Del Estero- Argentina, Bioclimatic Conditioning and Evaluation of Thermal, Energy and Economic Efficiency
G. Giuliano, B. Garzón

Traditional and Alternative Masonry for the Acoustic Improvement of Architectural Spaces
L. Paterlini, B. Garzón

Use of Alkaline Activated Cements from Residues for Soil Stabilization
J. Cosa, L. Soriano, M.V. Borrachero, J. Payá, J. Monzó

Construction with Earth and Sustainability: Analysis in the Light of Public Housing Policies
M. Ortega, B. Garzón

Cumulative Impact Energy Absorption of Sandwich Panels with Foam Cores and Flax FRP Facings
D. Betts, P. Sadeghian, A. Fam

Green Sandwich Composites Fabricated from Flax FRP Facings and Corrugated Cardboard Cores
A. McCracken, P. Sadeghian

Physical-Mechanical Behavior of Metakaolin Based Geopolymer Systems Reinforced with Stainless Steel Fibers
L.R. Caballero, M.D.M. Paiva, E.M.R. Fairbairn, R.D.T. Filho

Confined Bamboo Guadua LaminatE – CBGL
A. Cruz, C. Takeuchi

A Short View on the Novel uses of Geopolymer Metakaolin based to Control Air and Water Pollution
A. Manzano-Ramírez, J. Ramón-Gasca, H.R. Guzman-Carrillo, J.L. Reyez-Araiza, M. Mondragon-Figueroa

Dry Etching Plasma Applied to Guadua Angustifolia Bamboo Fibers: Influence on their Mechanical Properties and Surface Appearance
P. Luna, J. Lizarazo-Marriaga, A. Mariño

Effect of Production Variables on the Properties of Cement Bonded Flake Board from Polyalthia longifolia (Sonn.)Thw. Wood
J.M. Owoyemi, I.O. Oyeleye

Flat Ring Flexure Test for Full-Culm Bamboo
J. Virgo, R. Moran, K. Harries, J.J. Garcia, S. Platt

A Bus Stop: Industrialized Construction in Glued Laminated Bamboo and Timber (Flex Material)
M.A. Patury, J.G. de Almeida, V.A.G. Zanoni

Addition Effect of Polymer Residues Reinforced with Glass Fiber in Adobe as to Thermal Comfort
R.M. Gandia, A.A.R. Corrêa, F.C. Gomes, Y.H. Kawano, S.V.G. Guffey, R.V. Neto

The Influence of Hot Water Washing Cycles on Tensile Properties of Curauá Fiber
B. Zukowski, F. de Andrade Silva, R.D.T. Filho

Influence of Water Hornification and Alkaline Treatment on the Stress-Strain Behaviour of Jute Fibers
Y.G. dos Santos Mendonça, B. Zukowsk, R.D.T. Filho

Self-Supporting Bamboo Space Structure with Flexible Joints
L.E. Moreira, M. Seixas, J. Bina, J.L.M. Ripper

Living Form Finding of a Bamboo Modular Shelter Covered by Textile Composite
S.M. Jung, L.E. Moreira, C.H. Ferreira

Bionanocomposite Bamboo: A Regioselective Impregnation with Silver Nanofillers for Antifungal Application
O. Pandoli, R.S. Martins, B.A. Barbosa, K.L.G. De Toni, S. Paciornik, Marcos H.P. Maurício, R.M.C. Lima, N.B. Padilha, S. Letichevsky, R.R. Avillez, K. Ghavami

Performance Analysis of Corrosion Inhibitors in Pore Solution and Reinforced Concrete for Carbon Steel CA 50
A.O. Domínguez, M.M. Mennucci b, D.C.C. Dal Molin

Evaluation of the Mechanical Behavior of Composites Reinforced with Vegetal Fibers
M.L. Sánchez, L.Y. Morales, J.D. Caicedo

Effect of Alkaline Hornification in Sisal Fibers on the Mechanical Behaviour
R.D. Santos, S.R. Ferreira, E.R.F. Santos, G.E. Oliveira, F.A. Silva, F.G. Souza, R.D. Toledo Filho

Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Magnetite for Application in Cementitious Materials for Civil Construction
L.C.M. Scapim, J.N. de Paula, L.P. Ferreira, P.R. de Almeida III, S.B. Borges

Load Deflection Behaviour of Rammed Earth-Filled Polyvinyl Chloride Columns
K.J. Dick, L. Midence

Small Diameter Bamboo Plane Truss with 3C Connections
C.A.C. Lana, L.E. Moreira

Influence of Fly Ash on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of a Cement-Based Grout for Mechanized Tunneling
A. Quiroga-Floresa, F. de Andrade Silva, R.D.T. Filho

Structural Behavior of an Innovative Bamboo Arch Structure
A.S. Mosallam, K. Ghavami, R. Shrivastava, M.A. Salama

Effect of the Residual Fine Elements and Contribution on Fresh Properties of Self-Levelling Mortars
H.D.S. Carvalho, M. Cheriaf, J.C. Rocha

Bamboo Leaves Ashes: A Mineral Addition for Building Construction
L. Rodier, E.V. Cociña, H. Savastano Jr.

Mechanical Properties of Adobe Reinforced with Wheat Fibers in Iran (Persia)
R. Nasiri, K. Ghavami, M. Kadivar, A. Maghami

Glued Laminated Bamboo and Timber Association: Laboratory Testing of Industrialized Products
G.F. de Oliveira, D.E. Teixeira, J.E. de Melo, V.A.G. Zanoni, J.G. de Almeida, S.A. de Oliveira Almeida

Production and Characterization of Bamboo/Wood-Made Shape to be used in Longboards
D.E. Teixeira, G. de Almeida Martins Azevêdo

Investigation of Self-Healing Phenomenon in High Performance Fiber Reinforced Microconcrete with Steel and Sisal Fibers
T.N. da C. Moreira, S.R. Ferreira, R.D.T. Filho

Binary Cements with High Coal Waste Contents: Properties and Behaviour Against CO2
M. Frías, L. García, L. Caneda-Martínez, M.I.S. de Rojas, R. García, R. Vigil, Í. Vegas, S. Martínez-Ramírez

The Behavior of Heat Treated Dendrocalamus Giganteus Bamboo Subjected to Water and Humidity
A. Azadeh, K. Ghavami

Mechanical Behavior of Natural Composites Subjected to Condensation Process
A.C. Bolaños, M.L. Sánchez, J.D. Caicedo

Electrochemical Differences on the Passivity State of Reinforced Concrete for Two Concrete Design Methods
J.A. Briceño-Mena, M. Balancán-Zapata, P. Castro-Borges

Durability Analysis of a Bamboo Community Center in Cambury, Brazil
S. Mouton, K. Allacker, K.Ghavami, H. Verschure

Mechanical Properties of Guadua Elements Subject to Variations in Moisture Content
M.L. Sánchez, L.Y. Morales, Y. Lara, Y. Díaz, C.D. Rincón

Shear Behavior of the Lamined Bamboo Guadua (LBG)
C. Takeuchi, D. Linero

Concrete with Recycled Aggregates: Physical Properties and External Sulfates Attack
E. da Cruz Teixeira, C. Macêdo Medeiros, M.A. Padilha Jr, N.P. Barbosa, J.A. Rossignolo

Applicability of Artemis Views Software in Public Works and Planning
L.M. Pedrosa Cruz, C.C. Ribeiro, D.O. Meireles, S.E.C. Ribeiro, T. Starling

Thin Steel Rings as a Feasible Alternative to Connect Bamboo Culms
J.J. García, C. Benítez, L. Villegas, R. Morán

Experimental Analysis of the Variation of Electrical Resistivity of Concrete after Fracture
F.V.O. da Cunha Médice, P.H.A. Martins

Evaluation of Pre-Early Age Strength of Super Fine Ggbs Mortars
K. Chaaruchandra, M. Cruickshank, R.P. West, J. Reddy

New Cellular Geopolymer Concretes (CGC) Based on Blast Furnace Slag and Spent FCC Catalyst
A. Font, J. Monzó, L. Soriano, M.V. Borrachero, J. Payá

Reusing Composite Materials from Decommissioned Wind Turbine Blades
L.C. Banka, F.R. Arias, T.R.l Gentry, T. Al-Haddadd, J.F. Chene, R. Morrow

An Evaluation of Electric Arc Furnaces Dust as a Replacement for Cement in Mortars
M. da Silva Magalhães, F. Faleschini, C. Pellegrino, Katya Brunelli

Study of Mix Proportion of Structural Concrete with Recycled Aggregate of CCW for Application in Precast Slabs
E.T. Ferreira, A.B. de Melo, V.M. Zanta, U.H.O. Pimentel

Preliminar Assessments for Decreasing Cement Content on Concretes Made with Recycled Aggregates
B.L. Damineli, J.M. Pablos

Biomass-Derived from Bamboo Leaf Ash: Pozzolanic Reactivity
M.J.B. Moraes, J.C.B. Moraes, L. Soriano, J. Payá, J.L.P. Melges, M.M. Tashima, J.L. Akasaki

Effect of RHA Addition on Bond Strength in Steel Fiber Reinforced Cement-Based Composites
R.C. de Souza, J.F.S. Bastos

Non-Conventional Materials in Civil Construction: A Case Study in Curvelo – Mg
M.C.R. Carvalho, A.C. Estevão, P.B. Fialho, L. Alves, L.E.C. Cordeiro, E.P. Cardoso, T.A. Figueiredo

Chemical Characterization for the Comparative Study of Peruvian Natural Fibers
C. Tenazoa, S. Charca, M. Quintana, E. Flores

Ichu: New Natural Fibers for Composites and its Extraction Methodology
S. Mori, E. Flores, S. Charca

The Effect of using Recycled Materials in Earth-Based Blocks
K.J. Dick, J. Pienuta, K. Arnold

Evaluation of EPS Beads Inclusion on Strength and Stiffness of Soil
M.V. Silveira, A.V. Calheiros, M.D.T. Casagrande

Evaluation of Sisal and Curauá Fibers Inclusions on Strength and Stiffness Response of Soil
M.V. Silveira, M.D.T. Casagrande

Experimental and Numerical Study of the Mechanical Behavior of a Commercial Polypropylene Woven Fabric
E. Agaliotis, C. Bernal, P.J. Herrera-Franco, E.A. Flores-Johnson

Mechanical Characterization of Plaster Reinforced with Recycled Cellulose Fiber from Multi-Layer Packaging Waste for Construction Applications
R.A. Gamboa, C.M. Moo-Chalé, E.A. Flores-Johnson, J.G. Carrillo