Composite material obtained by powder metallurgy with applications in the automotive industry

Composite material obtained by powder metallurgy with applications in the automotive industry

Cristina Ileana PASCU, Stefan GHEORGHE, Claudiu NICOLICESCU. Daniela TARATA

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Abstract. Because of their great properties titanium and titanium alloys have been used in automotive industry, biomedical applications, aerospace industry, computer components, emerging applications, architecture of buildings, etc. In the last decade there has been revived interest in the utilization of the Powder Metallurgy (PM) route as a low-cost way for obtaining components from this alloys. This research presents the experimental results concerning the processing of Ti based alloy by Two-Steps Sintering and Multiple-Steps Sintering, techniques belonging to PM technology. The initial powder mixture consists in TiH2 powder particles that have been combined with some metallic powders (Al, Mn, Sn, Zr) for improving the final mechanic-chemicals and functional properties for using in the automotive industry. As a result it was studied the physical-mechanical properties after sintering, the influence of the sintering temperature and time on the microstructural changes of the composite material based on titanium.

Titanium hydride, Powder Metallurgy, Two-Steps Sintering, Multiple-Steps Sintering, Microstructure

Published online 11/5/2018, 11 pages
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Citation: Cristina Ileana PASCU, Stefan GHEORGHE, Claudiu NICOLICESCU. Daniela TARATA, ‘Composite material obtained by powder metallurgy with applications in the automotive industry’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 8, pp 201-211, 2018


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