Recent Innovation and Advances in Utilization of Graphene Oxide Based Photocatalysis


Recent Innovation and Advances in Utilization of Graphene Oxide Based Photocatalysis

Ajay Kumar, Manisha Chandel, Anamika Rana, Gaurav Sharma, Deepika Jamwal, Genene Tessema Mola, Amit Kumar

Globally, intensive research and innovation has been carried out for development and designing of photocatalysts with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness for various environmental and energy applications. Photocatalysis has been focused among various advanced oxidation processes for environmental detoxification and energy production via water splitting. Novel photocatalysts have been designed with incorporation of organic and polymeric counterparts for increasing their potential. Fortunately, graphene (carbon allotrope) has found a place and impressive contribution in materials science with outstanding properties for photocatalytic applications. Graphene based nanomaterials, graphene nano-sheets, reduced graphene oxide (RGO) and graphene oxide (GO) have gained immense concern in the perspective of all research fields. These derivatives have unique physiochemical properties such as high surface area, high electron mobility, thermal stability, biocompatibility, 2D scaffold with extended conjugation. All these properties are highly advantageous which trigger the exploration of such materials in the various research applications. From the discovery of graphene to today, it has been engaged in all the research fields such as fabrication of heterogeneous photocatalysts, solar fuel cell, energy storage devices, pollutants removal, hydrogen production and biomedical application. Since the precursor material for the production of graphene derivative is graphite which is a nonprecious and abundant material, thus making the graphene based research approachable for all researcher seekers in the respective field. This review surveys the developments, innovations and challenges involved in use of graphene and its derivatives in photocatalysis. Designing, fabrication of photocatalysts based on graphene and its derivatives and novel strategies have been summarized. Such kind of review helps in promoting awareness and motivation for continuous innovations in utilization of graphene based materials in photocatalytic scene.

Graphene, Photocatalysis, Water Treatment, Energy Production, Degradation

Published online 11/20/2018, 42 pages


Part of the book on Carbonaceous Composite Materials

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