Purification of Industrial Effluent by Ultrafiltration Ceramic Membrane based on Natural Clays and Starch Powder


Purification of Industrial Effluent by Ultrafiltration Ceramic Membrane based on Natural Clays and Starch Powder

Sonia Bouzid Rekik, Jamel Bouaziz, André Deratani, Samia Baklouti

This chapter discusses the development of a low cost ceramic membrane prepared from kaolin clays for ultrafiltration application to produce clear water from high turbidity water. The manufacturing of low cost tubular supports via extrusion, using kaolin and corn starch as a pore forming agent was the first purpose in this study. Our second objective is to deposit ultrafiltration layer on the optimised tubular support. Finally, the prepared membrane has been applied for treating of industrial effluent under various pressure values.

Natural Clays, Starch Powder, Ceramic Membrane, Filtration, Industrial Effluent

Published online 11/20/2018, 28 pages

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21741/9781945291975-7

Part of the book on Carbonaceous Composite Materials

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