The Influence of Diamond-Like Coatings on the Properties of Titanium

The Influence of Diamond-Like Coatings on the Properties of Titanium


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Abstract: The paper compares the morphology and geometric structure of the surface and the results of tribological tests of polished titanium discs and PACVD diamond-like coatings deposited on them. Observations of surface morphology and determination of chemical composition were carried out using scanning microscopy and EDS analyzers. The geometric structure of the surface was investigated using an optical profilometer. Tribological properties were investigated by ball-on-disc testing under dry friction and under lubrication regime using Ringer’s solution. The results obtained during the tests showed that the use of DLC coatings significantly improves the performance of titanium.

Titanium, Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coating, PACVD, Wear of Tribological Systems

Published online 7/16/2018, 6 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: PAWELEC Katarzyna, BARANOWICZ Paweł, WYSOKIŃSKA-MISZCZUK Joanna, MADEJ Monika, ‘The Influence of Diamond-Like Coatings on the Properties of Titanium’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 5, pp 84-89, 2018


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