Synthesis and Characterisation of Magnetoelectric Ceramic Composites based on M-type Strontium and Barium Hexagonal Ferrites and Barium Titanate


Synthesis and Characterisation of Magnetoelectric Ceramic Composites based on M-type Strontium and Barium Hexagonal Ferrites and Barium Titanate

M.S.A. Medeiros, J.S. Amaral, R.C. Pullar

Magnetoelectric composite ceramics were prepared to study their phase compatibility, magnetic and piezoelectric/ferroelectric properties, and coupling between magnetic and ferroelectric properties. The synthesis of various BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19 hexaferrites was undertaken with different sintering temperatures, and exploring four different methods: solid state reaction, coprecipitation, sol-gel and citrate (Pechini) routes. Ceramic composites of BaM and SrM with BaTiO3 (BT) as a ferroelectric/piezoelectric phase, were prepared with both uniaxial and isostatic pressing, and then sintered. The composites were characterised by XRD, SEM and VSM. Results showed that BaM and BT did not react in the composites, while SrM-BT composites possess SrM, BT and SrTiO3 phases.

Magnetoelectric Composite Ceramics, Structural Behavior, SEM, Magnetic Properties, Hexagonal Ferrites

Published online 4/20/2018, 48 pages


Part of the book on Magnetic Oxides and Composites

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