Fast Temporal and Spatial Resolved Stress Analysis at Laser Surface Line Hardening of Steel AISI 4140

Fast Temporal and Spatial Resolved Stress Analysis at Laser Surface Line Hardening of Steel AISI 4140

D. Kiefer, J. Gibmeier, F. Beckmann

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Local and temporal strain and stress evolution is recorded by synchrotron X-ray diffraction during laser line hardening of SAE 4140 steel in the quenched and tempered states at different measuring positions with respect to the process zone. The in-situ diffraction experiments were performed at beamline P05@Petra III at DESY, Hamburg (Germany). The steel samples were line hardened using a 4 kW high-power diode laser (HPDL) unit at a constant laser feed of 800 mm/min. Using a specially designed process chamber that incorporates symmetrically attached fast silicon micro-strip line detectors, stress analysis using the sin²ψ-method in single-exposure mode, enabled measuring rates at 20 Hz. As a result of the temporal and spatial resolved analyses, the elastic strains were separated from the thermal strains.

Laser Hardening, X-ray Diffraction, Synchrotron Radiation, Real Time Stress Analysis

Published online 4/20/2018, 6 pages
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Citation: D. Kiefer, J. Gibmeier, F. Beckmann, ‘Fast Temporal and Spatial Resolved Stress Analysis at Laser Surface Line Hardening of Steel AISI 4140’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 4, pp 91-96, 2018


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