High-Performance Polymer Type Capacitors


High-Performance Polymer Type Capacitors

Tulay Y. Inan

This book chapter concentrates on energy storage applications of thin film containing electrochemical capacitors (supercapacitors) with specifically high-temperature polymers (fluorinated polymers, polyimides, polyarylenes, polyvinyl pyrollidone, etc.) for their good thermal and hydrolytic stability, excellent mechanical and chemical stability, low cost, flexibility and commercial availability. It consists of three main parts as given in the table of contents related to the 1) fluorinated high-performance polymers (FHPP) 2) nonfluorinated high-performance polymers (NFHPP) and 3) fluorinated and nonfluorinated high-performance polymers (FNFHPP) with their composites. A total of 141 literature reviewed references are cited.

Thin Film, Electrochemical Capacitors, Supercapacitor, Dielectric Material, Separator, Solid Separators, High-Performance Polymers, Fluorinated Polymers, Polyimides, Polyarylenes, Polyvinyl Pyrollidone

Published online 2/25/2018, 70 pages

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21741/9781945291579-6

Part of Electrochemical Capacitors

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