Carbonaceous quantum dot composites for the application of electrochemical supercapacitors


Carbonaceous quantum dot composites for the application of electrochemical supercapacitors

P. Ramyakrishnaa, B. Rajender, B. Ravi, Inamuddin, M. Farz Ahmar

Carbon quantum dots (CQDs), as novel zero-dimensional (0D) carbon nanomaterials have been attracting attention for their potential as a promising material for energy storage because of their excellent mechanical strength, good electrochemical conductivity, high electron mobilities, excellent chemical/thermal stability, nanometer size and large specific surface areas, all of which are the powerful sources of ideal supercapacitors. This chapter aims to assess the current status of CQDs composites for supercapacitors by discussing the literature in this field and presenting an outlook for future research in this area.

Carbon Quantum Dots, Graphene Quantum Dots, Inorganic Materials, Conducting Polymer, Flexible, Symmetric, Asymmetric Capacitors

Published online 1/15/2018, 32 pages


Part of Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Capacitors

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