Advances in desalination for water and wastewater treatment


Advances in desalination for water and wastewater treatment

Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh, Ghada A. Al Bazedi, Marwa M. Eid, Malek G. Hajaya

This chapter briefly summarizes the main concepts of conventional and novel/emerging desalination technologies. It also emphasizes the principal process engineering outlays for dual desalination systems, covering simultaneous water/power production and heterogeneous desalination. In addition to schemes that comprises both of the membrane and thermal processes, this chapter distinctively covers the typically overlooked medium and long term environmental impacts on soil and marine environment. Finally, the challenges in this field will be outlined targeting acceptable process economy and triple production of energy, water, and salt.

Desalination, Water Treatment, Wastewater, Membrane Process, Thermal Desalination

Published online 8/1/2017, 28 pages


Part of Inorganic Pollutants in Wastewater

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