Application of adsorption techniques for sour and greenhouse gas treatment


Application of adsorption techniques for sour and greenhouse gas treatment

Safdar Hossain SK, Mohammed Mozahar Hossain

Sour (SO2, NOX & H2S) and greenhouse gases (CO2) are present in various proportions in most of the gaseous effluents from industrial facilities and automobiles. Recently, the rise in their concentration in the atmosphere has begun to show a detrimental effect on humans and other components of the ecosystems. While new, more efficient processes have now been designed with more stringent environmental regulations, but with the prevalent use of current polluting sources, warrants the need for devising efficient abatement and separation techniques for the harmful gases from flue gases, and their subsequent storage or destruction. Capture of harmful gases using solid adsorbent is a commercially promising method for the treatment of the flue gas from conventional power plants. In this chapter, we present an up to date account of the various types of conventional and emerging solid adsorbents for the capture of sour and greenhouse gases from flue gas. Major types of adsorption equipment used in the industry for the gas treatment are briefly discussed.

Greenhouse Gases, Sour Gases, Treatment Technologies, Adsorption, Pressure Swing Adsorption

Published online 4/25/2017, 34 pages
Copyright © 2016 by the author(s)
Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: Safdar Hossain SK, Mohammed Mozahar Hossain, ‘Application of adsorption techniques for sour and greenhouse gas treatment’, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 15, pp 193-226, 2017


The article was published as article 8 of the book Applications of Adsorption and Ion Exchange Chromatography in Waste Water Treatment

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