Garnet-type Li Ion Conductive Ceramics and its Application for All-solid-state Li Batteries


Garnet-type Li Ion Conductive Ceramics and its Application for All-solid-state Li Batteries

M. Kotobuki

Li ion conductive ceramics are expected to be a solid electrolyte for all-solid-state Li batteries which could resolve safety issues in present Li batteries. The Li ion conductive ceramics can be in general categorized into oxide and sulfide groups. The sulfide-based ceramics show high Li ion conductivity but are not stable in air and produces toxic H2S gas. In contrary, oxide-based ceramics are stable in air. Therefore, the oxide-based ceramics are more favorable to manufacture. In this chapter, garnet-type Li ion conductive ceramics which are one of the most widely studied oxide-based Li ion conductive ceramics are reviewed in detail.

Li Ion Conductive Ceramics, Solid Electrolyte, All-Solid-State Battery, Garnet, Lithium-Ion Battery

Published online 3/16/2017, 21 pages
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Citation: M. Kotobuki, ‘Garnet-type Li Ion Conductive Ceramics and its Application for All-solid-state Li Batteries’, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 12, pp 164-184, 2017


The article was published as article 7 of the book Recent Advances in Energy Storage Materials and Devices

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