Lithium Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Progress


Lithium Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Progress

Lu Jia, Lee Kim Seng

Rechargeable batteries of high energy and high power density are extremely desirable for portable electronics and especially for transportations. This chapter first introduces the working principle and recent development of lithium ion batteries. Special attention is then given to the limitations of current lithium ion batteries for high energy and high power applications. To solve this problem, an overview of cathode materials is provided, showing their potential of future application in advanced vehicles.

Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB), Principle of LIB, Development of LIB, Energy and Power Limitation of LIB, Cathodes

Published online 3/16/2017, 27 pages
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Citation: Lu Jia, Lee Kim Seng, ‘Lithium Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Progress’, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 12, pp 1-27, 2017


The article was published as article 1 of the book Recent Advances in Energy Storage Materials and Devices

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