Effect of porosity and incident angle on the optical emission radiations of silicon and porous silicon under Kr+ ion beam bombardment



Abstract. This study is focused on the optical emission spectroscopy of silicon, porous silicon (PS) and their oxides. It allows us to understand the effect of the angle and porosity on optical radiations emitted when substrates of silicon, PS and their oxides are bombarded at low-pressure less than 10-7 torr by Kr+ ions at 5 keV. The comparison of the spectra shows that the spectral lines attributed to Si(I) have a similar behavior and the maximum of the signal is obtained for θ=70°. These lines show a significant exaltation when the density of porosity of similar samples is larger. This exaltation depends on the desactivation of the excited states and it may reach a quite important factor with intensity saturation for maximum silicon surface porosity. The intensity in a reverse behavior for the line Si(III) at λ=254.4nm and associated to Si++ matched for the first time in our results. However, the signal amplification is caused by an enrichment of oxygen on the porous surfaces, which become oxidized more easily when the porosity density increased.

Silicon, Porous Silicon, Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Sputtering

Published online 12/10/2016, 5 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA
Citation: H. TARGAOUI, S. MARGOUM, A. EL BOUJLAIDI, R. BENDAOUD, I. ASHRAF, K. BERRADA, ‘Effect of porosity and incident angle on the optical emission radiations of silicon and porous silicon under Kr+ ion beam bombardment’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 1, pp 270-274, 2016
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21741/9781945291197-67

The article was published as article 67 of the book Dielectric Materials and Applications

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