Benchmarking studies of the MPISI Material Science Diffractometer at SAFARI-1

Benchmarking studies of the MPISI Material Science Diffractometer at SAFARI-1

A.M. Venter, D. Marais, V. Luzin

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Abstract. The measurement performance of the new material science instrument MPISI at the SAFARI-1 research reactor in South Africa has been comprehensively benchmarked for strain scanning applications. In addition to the traditional VAMAS Ring and Plug specimen, the benchmarking was extended to a project that required sub-millimeter spatial resolution. For the latter the MPISI performance has been compared with experimental investigations on the same sample set at the KOWARI instrument at ANSTO. Overall, good data quality and agreement have been observed between the two instruments.

Neutron Strain Scanner, Benchmark, Laser Shock Peening

Published online 12/22/2016, 6 pages
Copyright © 2016 by the author(s)
Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: A.M. Venter, D. Marais, V. Luzin, ‘Benchmarking studies of the MPISI Material Science Diffractometer at SAFARI-1’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 2, pp 413-418, 2017


The article was published as article 70 of the book Residual Stresses 2016

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