Turning Residual Stresses in Functionally Graded Steel Components

Turning Residual Stresses in Functionally Graded Steel Components

W. Zinn, M. Tiffe, D. Biermann, B. Scholtes

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Abstract. Metallic components with graded materials properties are of particular importance for the realization of lightweight design. The scientific basis of such concepts was provided by the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 30, funded by the German Research Foundation DFG between 2006 and 2015. As part of the project, thermo-mechanically graded components were manufactured by hot metal forming processes [1, 2]. Their characteristic properties are to a large extent determined by final machining operations. In this context, residual stresses play an important role for strength and lifetime of the produced parts. A survey about near surface residual stress states after hard turning of differently heat treated quenched and tempered steel AISI 6150 (51CrV4) is given in [3]. In the present paper, results of similar investigations carried out of Jominy end quench samples are reported and compared with results of samples with homogeneous microstructures.

Quenched and Tempered AISI 6150, Dry Turning, Residual Stresses

Published online 12/22/2016, 6 pages
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Citation: W. Zinn, M. Tiffe, D. Biermann, B. Scholtes, ‘Turning Residual Stresses in Functionally Graded Steel Components’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 2, pp 271-276, 2017

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21741/9781945291173-46

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