Current Trends on Lanthanide Glasses and Materials, Chapter 3


Lanthanum doped borophosphate glasses for nuclear waste immobilization

Fu Wang, Qilong Liao

Recently, lanthanum-contained iron borophosphate glasses have received comprehensive attention for high-level radioactive wastes immobilization purpose because this system glass possesses both high elementary loading for chlorides, sulfates and heavy metals and good thermal properties. Moreover, the irradiation stability and chemical durability are comparable to those of iron phosphate base glasses and widely used borosilicate glass waste forms. This chapter summarizes recent progress on the suitability of lanthanum-contained iron borophosphate for nuclear waste immobilization from the aspect of structure, chemical durability, irradiation stability, thermal properties, etc.

Iron Borophosphate Glasses; Lanthanum; Nuclear Waste Immobilization; Irradiation Stability; Thermal Properties; Structural Stability

Published online 1/1/2017, 20 pages


Part of Current Trends on Lanthanide Glasses and Materials

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