Contemporary Dielectric Materials, Chapter 6


Bonding in La0.9Zn0.1FeO3 multiferroic material

G.Gowri, R.Saravanan , R.Pradeepa, M.Raja Rajeswari, K.Abirami

In this work, zinc doped LaFeO3 multiferroic (La0.9Zn0.1FeO3) has been prepared by the chemical co-precipitation method. The prepared sample has been characterized using powder X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscope, UV-Visible spectrometer and vibration sample magnetometer respectively. The structural analysis has been done on the powder X-ray diffraction data of the sample using the powder profile refinement technique and the results obtained from the refinement process have been used to analyse the electron density distribution and also bonding nature between the neighbouring atoms in the unit cell of the prepared sample using the Maximum Entropy Method (MEM). The average particle size is determined using TEM images. The optical band gap energy is estimated using UV-Visible absorption spectrum. The magnetic parameters are extracted from the hysteresis loop recorded using a vibration sample magnetometer (VSM).

LaFeO3, X-Ray Diffraction, Maximum Entropy Method, Transmission Electron Microscope, Coercivity

Published online 1/1/2017, 16 pages


Part of Contemporary Dielectric Materials

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