Contemporary Dielectric Materials, Chapter 2


Synthesis and structural characterization of gallium oxide powders

R. Yuvakkumar, D. Sidharth, G. Ravi, S.I. Hong

A potential green synthesis of β-Ga2O3 powders has been achieved employing the gallium-ellagate complex formation method. A possible mechanism has been proposed to understand the formation of gallium-ellagate complex formation. The effect of reaction time, incubation and calcination temperature on the product output was explored. The structure and crystalline phase of β-Ga2O3 powders were revealed from the X-ray diffraction and from photo luminescence, Raman and IR spectroscopy. The structural characterization revealed the monoclinic phase of Ga2O3 with preferential growth along (111).

Gallium oxide, Green Synthesis, Structural properties, Gallium-ellagate, Calcination

Published online 1/1/2017, 9 pages


Part of Contemporary Dielectric Materials

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