Sustainability policies and regulation challenges in recycling EV batteries

Sustainability policies and regulation challenges in recycling EV batteries


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Abstract. The increasing use of electric vehicles has brought the critical issue of recycling the batteries of electric cars to the forefront. This paper explores the challenges posed by current recycling policies, emphasizing the gaps in regulations and the pressing need for effective authorities involvement. The complications surrounding the recycling policies of electric car batteries are explored, shedding light on the disadvantages that may restrict successful implementation. The paper underscores the importance of addressing these challenges to ensure sustainable and responsible management of electric car batteries, emphasizing the shared responsibility between authorities, manufacturers, and other stakeholders. Examining existing policies and identifying areas for improvement will contribute to the ongoing discourse on developing comprehensive and effective electric car battery recycling frameworks and a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to the end-of-life management of electric vehicle batteries. Recommendations on how to address this crucial issue are also presented.

EV, Recycling, Policies, Regulations, Batteries

Published online 7/15/2024, 9 pages
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Citation: Afnan KHALIL, Mousa HUSSEIN, Essam ZANELDIN, Waleed AHMED, Sustainability policies and regulation challenges in recycling EV batteries, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 43, pp 51-59, 2024


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