Vibration harvesting techniques for electrical power generation: A review

Vibration harvesting techniques for electrical power generation: A review


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Abstract. The ongoing demands of using mechanical motion and converting it to electrical power motivated designers to find new sustainable solutions for power generation. In the current article, different techniques of clean power generation are reviewed and discussed. The reviewed techniques use mechanical vibration to produce energy. The techniques using piezoelectric and mechanical design concepts are discussed and compared. The article sheds light on the importance of these techniques and concludes with the advantages and disadvantages of each applied technique.

Vibration, Piezoelectric, Mechanisms, Power Harvesting, Energy Generation, Battery Charging

Published online 7/15/2024, 8 pages
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Citation: Omar D. MOHAMMED, Isha BUBSHAIT, Reyouf ALQAHTANI, Kawther ALMENAYAN, Semat ALZAHER, Reem ALHUSSAIN, Vibration harvesting techniques for electrical power generation: A review, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 43, pp 324-331, 2024


The article was published as article 42 of the book Renewable Energy: Generation and Application

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