From smart soles to green goals, interlacing sustainable innovations in the age of smart health: An exploratory search

From smart soles to green goals, interlacing sustainable innovations in the age of smart health: An exploratory search


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Abstract. Health goes beyond the mere absence of illness. It’s arguably a state that encompasses a whole spectrum of physical, social, and mental well-being. It involves not only curing sickness but also promoting healthy lifestyles, behaviors, and environments that enable individuals to thrive. Health interventions can be formalized through medicine, but they can also take on a broader spectrum of approaches, including prevention, early detection, and management of diseases. By acknowledging this broader vision of health, we can see that it influences various aspects of our lives, including our work, education, relationships, food, clothes, and recreational activities. It also impacts our communities and cultures, affecting social norms, policies, and practices that shape our health outcomes. Therefore, health is not just an individual concern but also a collective one. Furthermore, the integration of health into technological practices can have a significant impact on our well-being. It can facilitate access to health information, resources, and services, enable remote monitoring and diagnosis, and enhance communication and social support networks.

Energy Consumption, IoT, IoMT, Healthcare, Smart Health

Published online 7/15/2024, 8 pages
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Citation: Fahd KORAICHE, Amine DEHBI, Rachid DEHBI, From smart soles to green goals, interlacing sustainable innovations in the age of smart health: An exploratory search, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 43, pp 140-147, 2024


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