Investigation of radiative needle flow dynamics with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity

Investigation of radiative needle flow dynamics with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity

Niba Kainat, Vincenzo Gulizzi

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Abstract. The flow pattern formed by the radiative needle moving in a fluid with temperature dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity is investigated in this paper considering the effects of viscous dissipation and nonlinear radiation. Under axial symmetry constraint, the governing equations are converted into a set of non-linear differential equations. Numerical results are presented discussing the influence of Prandtl number, viscosity and thermal conductivity on the heat transfer between the flow and the needle.

Radiative Needles, Nonlinear Radiation, Temperature-Dependent Viscosity, Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity

Published online 6/1/2024, 4 pages
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Citation: Niba Kainat, Vincenzo Gulizzi, Investigation of radiative needle flow dynamics with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 42, pp 22-25, 2024


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