Model based systems engineering and concurrent engineering for space systems

Model based systems engineering and concurrent engineering for space systems

Alessandro Mastropietro

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Abstract. The objective of this paper is to present the rationale and application of Model Based System Engineering and Concurrent Engineering for space systems. In the context of the New Space Economy, characterized by disruptive technologies, standardization, and the entry of private investments into the industry, it is critical to manage space systems effectively among the different involved stakeholders. In order to address all related challenges, systems modelling approaches are used at different levels, from subsystems to satellites to complex mission architectures, like fractionated and federated systems.

New Space, Model Based System Engineering, Concurrent Engineering, Fractionated and Federated Systems

Published online 6/1/2024, 4 pages
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Citation: Alessandro Mastropietro, Model based systems engineering and concurrent engineering for space systems, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 42, pp 142-145, 2024


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