Simulation of post-grasping operations in closed-chain configuration using Kane’s method

Simulation of post-grasping operations in closed-chain configuration using Kane’s method

David Paolo Madonna

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Abstract. This work focuses on techniques that enable the modeling of a multibody spacecraft in a closed-chain configuration. This scenario pertains to a space manipulator system equipped with two or more robotic arms that have grasped a target object. The dynamic equations of the multibody system, consisting of the chaser and target satellites, are derived using a Kane’s formulation for nonholonomic constrained systems. This formulation eliminates the need for including Lagrange’s multipliers in the set of equations. Numerical simulations of a post-grasping maneuver between a space manipulator system and a target satellite are conducted to validate the proposed formulation.

Post-Grasping Operations, Multibody Closed-Chain Configuration, Space Manipulator System, Kane’s Method

Published online 6/1/2024, 6 pages
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Citation: David Paolo Madonna, Simulation of post-grasping operations in closed-chain configuration using Kane’s method, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 42, pp 66-71, 2024


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