Application of MXenes in Photodetectors


Application of MXenes in Photodetectors

Anupam Patel, Rajendra Kumar Singh

Photodetectors are semiconductor devices with photoelectric conversion functions that play a significant part in many fields, including UV radiation skin sensors, biological sensing, optical communication, biomedical sensing, etc. Scientists are interested in 2D materials because of their great physical, chemical, thermal, and flexibility qualities, nano-sized thickness, and outstanding electronic and optical capabilities. A novel class of 2D materials called MXenes contains carbon nitrides, transition metals carbides, and nitrides. MXenes have numerous advantages including excellent structural thermal stability, higher conductivity, excellent optical properties, etc. Therefore, MXenes are extensively attractive to the application fields of the photodetector.

2D Materials, MXenes, Electronic and Optical Properties, Photodetector

Published online 12/15/2023, 22 pages

Citation: Anupam Patel, Rajendra Kumar Singh, Application of MXenes in Photodetectors, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 155, pp 81-102, 2024


Part of the book on Recent Advances and Allied Applications of Mxenes

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