Applications of MXenes in Supercapacitors


Applications of MXenes in Supercapacitors

Arishma Buragohain, Debajyoti Mahanta

In search of eco-friendly, low-cost, highly efficient energy materials to fulfil the global energy need, the research community from all over the world has explored a novel two-dimensional material called MXene. The term ‘MXene’ refers to a class of materials with very unique features including large surface area, high conductivity, etc., that could be used as the electrode material to fabricate highly efficient supercapacitors with high power density. Moreover, the composites made of MXene with some metal oxides, conducting polymers, and carbon-based materials exhibit very good electrochemical properties as electrode materials of supercapacitors.

MAX Phase, MXene, MXene-Based Composite, MXene Symmetric Supercapacitor, MXene Asymmetric Supercapacitor, MXene Micro Supercapacitor, MXene Transparent Supercapacitor

Published online 12/15/2023, 27 pages

Citation: Arishma Buragohain, Debajyoti Mahanta, Applications of MXenes in Supercapacitors, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 155, pp 1-27, 2024


Part of the book on Recent Advances and Allied Applications of Mxenes

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