Italian space agency space transportation activities and programs

Italian space agency space transportation activities and programs

Marta Albano, Rocco Carmine Pellegrini, Roberto Bertacin, Simone Ciabuschi, Simone Illiano, Rocco Maria Grillo, Enrico Cavallini

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Abstract Space transportation systems are the key elements for the space exploitation thought space-based services (for telecommunication, navigation and earth observation) and space exploration. As more government and commercial players show interest in effective and sustainable space transportation systems and services, affordable, regular and resilient transportation systems have become increasingly important for sustainable space services. Italy, thought the activities of the Italian Space Agency, is increasingly investing in the space sector and it confirms to be one of the top players on the international scenario. The paper presents an overview of the activities of the Italian Space Agency in this sector, both through national and European framework.

Launchers, Stratospheric Balloon, Hypersonic Vehicles, Suborbital Flight

Published online 11/1/2023, 6 pages
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Citation: Marta Albano, Rocco Carmine Pellegrini, Roberto Bertacin, Simone Ciabuschi, Simone Illiano, Rocco Maria Grillo, Enrico Cavallini, Italian space agency space transportation activities and programs, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 37, pp 280-285, 2023


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