Landing gear shock absorbers guidelines

Landing gear shock absorbers guidelines

Michele Guida, Giovanni Marulo, Francesco Marulo

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Abstract. This paper is based on an old paper presented by Eng. Ermanno Bazzocchi almost seventy years ago [1] and is here presented again in his memory, to take the opportunity for showing to young generation of engineers how applied research was performed and presented when the computer age was not still born. The topic is on landing gear shock absorber design guidelines, and it has been selected because of the importance of such device for airplanes, which represents a very important system for the efficiency of the entire aircraft. The original paper [1] has represented a milestone for the design and dimensioning of landing gear shock absorbers highlighting parameters which often have not been discussed so clearly in papers which came later in the scientific literature and therefore the idea of collecting those information and revisiting them in a modern framework has been particularly exciting. It is in the idea of the authors that revisiting fundamental classic papers and projecting them in a modern scenario could be beneficial for the real understanding of the physical aspects of aircraft systems, covering calculations which could not being performed because of low computing power. Classic papers were forced to strongly rely on physical understanding from which creating simple models to correlate experimental data and theoretical calculations. Such physical background should not be lost, but hopefully improved by the actual computer power and this paper is an attempt proposed to the scientific community for discussing on the validity of such an approach.

Aeronautical History, Landing Gear, Shock Absorber, Numerical-Experimental Correlation

Published online 11/1/2023, 5 pages
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Citation: Michele Guida, Giovanni Marulo, Francesco Marulo, Landing gear shock absorbers guidelines, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 37, pp 84-88, 2023


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