Innovative ideas for the use of augmented reality devices in aerodrome control towers

Innovative ideas for the use of augmented reality devices in aerodrome control towers

Jürgen Teutsch

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Abstract. In recent years Augmented Reality (AR) has become one of the major focus points of user interface development. With the rapidly increasing computing power and developments in software and hardware applications during the last two decades, it has moved from theoretical approaches towards industry-wide application and mass production. The Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre, NLR, tested several devices in the past, but only recent developments made it possible to effectively use them in an Air Traffic Control (ATC) working environment for Aerodrome Control Towers. In 2021 NLR carried out innovative technology experiments on their high-fidelity real-time air traffic control simulation and validation platform, NARSIM. These experiments were part of the SESAR 2020 project Digital Technologies for Tower (DTT) and focused on advanced HMI interaction modes for aerodrome tower controllers. A proposed Attention Capturing and Guidance concept with an AR device was evaluated inside an aerodrome control tower environment for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This paper reflects on the technology development activities that took place at NLR during the last decade and describes the different steps taken to apply the technology in a conventional control tower environment. It is shown that the recent technology developments must be seen as a big step forward in practical application of AR devices for ATC. Furthermore, an outlook into the expected future use of AR devices in conventional control tower environments will be given that goes beyond abovementioned concept elements. This outlook considers additional developments for standardization of digitized airport information and communication between different stakeholders and general performance improvements for AR devices.

Augmented Reality, Air Traffic Control, Aerodrome Control Tower, Attention Guidance, Human Machine Interface, SESAR, NARSIM

Published online 11/1/2023, 4 pages
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Citation: Jürgen Teutsch, Innovative ideas for the use of augmented reality devices in aerodrome control towers, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 37, pp 763-766, 2023


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