SIMBIO-SYS, the remote sensing instruments on board the BepiColombo mission

SIMBIO-SYS, the remote sensing instruments on board the BepiColombo mission

G. Cremonese, C. Re, the SIMBIO-SYS team

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Abstract. The SIMBIO-SYS (Spectrometer and Imaging for MPO BepiColombo Integrated Observatory SYStem) is a complex instrument suite part of the scientific payload of the Mercury Planetary Orbiter for the BepiColombo mission, the last of the cornerstone missions of the European Space Agency (ESA) Horizon + science program. It will explore Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun. The SIMBIO-SYS instrument will provide all the science imaging capability of the BepiColombo MPO spacecraft. It consists of three channels: the STereo imaging Channel (STC), with broad spectral band in the 410-930 nm range and medium spatial resolution (up to 60 m/px), that will provide Digital Terrain Model of the entire surface of the planet with an accuracy better than 80 m; the High Resolution Imaging Channel HRIC), with broad spectral bands in the 530-900 nm range and high spatial resolution (up to 6 m/px), that will provide high resolution images of about 10% of the surface, and the Visible and near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging channel (VIHI), with high spectral resolution (up to 6 nm) in the 400-2000 nm range and spatial resolution up to 120 m/px, it will provide the global coverage at 480 m/px with the spectral information, assuming the first orbit around Mercury with periherm at 480 km from the surface.
It has been funded by the two space agencies, ASI (Italian Space Agency) and CNES (French Space Agency) and it is the result of the collaboration between more than 100 scientists and engineers of 12 different countries all over the world, with the Italian prime contractor Leonardo spa. It is the first time that a planetary mission has three remote sensing instruments integrated in a system, sharing the Main Electronics, and under the responsibility of one team.

Remote Sensing Instruments, Space Missions, Planets: Mercury

Published online 11/1/2023, 4 pages
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Citation: G. Cremonese, C. Re, the SIMBIO-SYS team, SIMBIO-SYS, the remote sensing instruments on board the BepiColombo mission, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 37, pp 717-720, 2023


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