Job Satisfaction in the Healthcare Sector

Job Satisfaction in the Healthcare Sector


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Abstract. The objective of this article is to present research regarding the level of job satisfaction of physicians employed in healthcare institutions in the Silesian Voivodeship. The basis for the analysis is a survey carried out between August and October 2022, with a sample of 184 medical workers. The study was carried out by means of a diagnostic survey, using a questionnaire technique. Random purposive sampling was used. Regular surveys will make it possible to improve the stability of employment in the healthcare sector and can provide a basis for corrective measures to be taken by managers of healthcare facilities in order to increase the sense of job satisfaction among doctors.

Job Satisfaction, Satisfaction Determinants, Reasons for Job Dissatisfaction

Published online 9/1/2023, 6 pages
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Citation: BSOUL-KOPOWSKA Magdalena, Job Satisfaction in the Healthcare Sector, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 34, pp 447-452, 2023


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