Digital technologies and human-machine interaction in air traffic control operations

Digital technologies and human-machine interaction in air traffic control operations

Marzia Corsi

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Abstract. The aim of this study is to exploit digital technologies to develop and validate an innovative Human Machine Interface for Air Traffic Control Operations tailored based on actual visibility condition, specific phase of flight and different user working positions. The model for the interface prototype exploits multimodal interaction features and implements technologies and functions such as Extended Reality, aircraft identification and tracking labels, and safety net visualization. Moreover, it includes the future possible scenario of the Air Traffic Management comprising the integration of autonomous drones and Urban Air Mobility.

Digital Technologies, Air Traffic Control Operations, ATM, UTM

Published online 9/1/2023, 5 pages
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Citation: Marzia Corsi, Digital technologies and human-machine interaction in air traffic control operations, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 33, pp 36-40, 2023


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