Innovative navigation strategies based on multiple signals for performance improvement of drone-based operations

Innovative navigation strategies based on multiple signals for performance improvement of drone-based operations

Verdiana Bottino

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Abstract. The growing employment of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs, commonly referred to as drones) in civilian and military environments, along with the increasing accuracy of avionics components, has led to the definition of more stringent drone-based mission requirements. In this sense, the following work summarizes a series of Ph.D. research activities aimed at improving UAS performance under different aspects, in order to enhance their use in a variety of application contexts and environmental conditions while ensuring a satisfactory level of accuracy.

UAS, MEMS, Remotely Piloted Aircraft, Drones, Integrated Navigation, Heading, 5G Technology

Published online 9/1/2023, 5 pages
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Citation: Verdiana Bottino, Innovative navigation strategies based on multiple signals for performance improvement of drone-based operations, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 33, pp 329-333, 2023


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