Design and challenges of an IOD/IOV 12U Cubesat mission

Design and challenges of an IOD/IOV 12U Cubesat mission

Matteo Gemignani

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Abstract. EXCITE (“EXtended Cubesat for Innovative Technology Experiments”) is a technology demonstration mission selected by ASI in 2021 in the frame of the “Future Cubesat Missions” call. Based on a custom-designed 12U CubeSat platform featuring a full-composite structure, EXCITE is aimed at in-orbit demonstration / in-orbit validation of a number of innovative small spacecraft technologies in the domains of chemical and electric onboard propulsion, thermal management of significant heat loads in limited volumes, COTS GPU computing for IoT applications, and steerable, integrated S-band antennas. In this paper we describe the EXCITE platform design, outline the main expected technological innovations, and discuss the possible methodologies for a multi-disciplinary optimization approach.

CubeSats, Propulsion, Demonstration, Validation

Published online 9/1/2023, 8 pages
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Citation: Matteo Gemignani, Design and challenges of an IOD/IOV 12U Cubesat mission, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 33, pp 254-261, 2023


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