MATLAB code for highly energetic materials

MATLAB code for highly energetic materials

A. Cucuzzella, Y. Caridi, S. Berrone, L. Rondoni, U. Barbieri, L. Bancallari

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Abstract. Detonations represent high-speed chemical reactions characterized by rapid propagation, accompanied by a release of high-pressure energy. This transformative process converts unreacted explosive materials into stable product molecules, reaching a steady state known as the Chapman-Jouguet (CJ) state. This study aims to effectively describe the detonation phenomenon in energetic materials through the application of the CJ theory. Using a computational approach, we developed a MATLAB code to calculate the minimum detonation velocity (DCJ) of the explosive and analyze product expansion under constant entropy conditions.

Detonation, Chemical Equilibrium, Energetic Material, Rayleigh-Hugoniot Relations

Published online 9/1/2023, 6 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: A. Cucuzzella, Y. Caridi, S. Berrone, L. Rondoni, U. Barbieri, L. Bancallari, MATLAB code for highly energetic materials, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 33, pp 104-109, 2023


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