The state of 3D printing technologies: A review

The state of 3D printing technologies: A review

Omar Yahya, Gharam Yahya, Faramarz Djavanroodi, Mushtaq Khan

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Abstract. This review paper is written to present the 3D printing technologies from all aspects which are commercially available. Since 3D printing is evolved rapidly over the past decade, there are a number of considerable applications that are well-known in almost all areas and disciplines. This paper will focus on the existing 3D printers, its advantages, and disadvantages and applications. Furthermore, this will provide a sufficient general review in the development of 3D printing technologies.

3D Printing, Digital Light Projection, laser beam, Stereolithography, Jet Beaming, 3D Printing Techniques

Published online 8/10/2023, 7 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: Omar Yahya, Gharam Yahya, Faramarz Djavanroodi, Mushtaq Khan, The state of 3D printing technologies: A review, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 31, pp 799-805, 2023


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