Analytical, numerical and bench tests of axles in rail vehicles

Patrycja Lau, Piotr Paczos

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Abstract. On the basis of experimental, analytical and numerical tests, a strength analysis of a rail vehicle axle was presented, as well as an alternative approach to this type of issue. The axle of the wheelset was tested on the experimental stand. Then, analytical calculations of the tested axis were performed in accordance with the EN 13 103-1 standard in the sections where strain gauges were located during the stand test. A numerical model was also created in a program based on the Finite Element Method. The obtained results were compared and summarized. It turned out that the results from all studies coincided, which suggests that each of the methods used is correct. None of the obtained values exceeded the permissible fatigue stresses.

Wheelset Axles, Fatigue Strength, Experimental Tests, Alternative Method, Rail Vehicles, FEM Calculations, Analytical Research

Published online , 8 pages
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Citation: Patrycja Lau, Piotr Paczos, Analytical, numerical and bench tests of axles in rail vehicles, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 30, pp 47-54, 2023


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