Increasing the efficiency and flexibility of laboratory testing with virtual instrument techniques

Increasing the efficiency and flexibility of laboratory testing with virtual instrument techniques

Roland Pawliczek

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Abstract. This paper presents an upgrade of the functionality and modernization of the laboratory testing process using virtual instruments. A case study of airflow laboratory stand for air velocity profile determination and the fatigue testing on the MZGS100 stand shows the applications, where standard sensors and transducers are used as measuring devices. The article focuses mainly on DAQ (Data Acquisition) measurement techniques, where at present the USB communication method is very widely used. The main advantage of the system is the so-called open user interface, which is software developed according to the researcher’s own algorithms. The developed software is just this virtual instrument, and the graphical programming environment is used as an effective tool to build the program. Virtual instrumentation based laboratory equipment present cost-effective, compact, and user-friendly human-machine interfaces for the measurement and laboratory equipment control.

Measurements, Control System, Virtual Instrument, Graphical Programming Environment

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Citation: Roland Pawliczek, Increasing the efficiency and flexibility of laboratory testing with virtual instrument techniques, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 30, pp 31-38, 2023


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