Influence of the purlin shape on the load-bearing capacity of sandwich panels

Influence of the purlin shape on the load-bearing capacity of sandwich panels

Monika Chuda-Kowalska

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Abstract. This study aimed to develop knowledge about the behavior of bent, multi-span sandwich panels. The analyzed panels have a soft polyisocyanurate foam core and rigid metal facings. The paper presents the results of experimental studies. The influence of support width, the span of the panel and purlin shape on the load-bearing capacity of the panel are analyzed. The tests carried out by the author have shown that not always the load capacity determined according to the standard is on the safe side. Therefore, the actual support conditions of the designed structure should always be taken into account.

Sandwich Panels, Purlin, Load-Bearing Capacity, Bending Test

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Citation: Monika Chuda-Kowalska, Influence of the purlin shape on the load-bearing capacity of sandwich panels, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 30, pp 24-30, 2023


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